Break Out

Made in Venezuela

One of a kind.
This video was shot in Venezuela in August 2018 during the crisis the country is going through.

It highlights the story of four teenagers, from different social classes, united by dance. They struggle for their freedom and fight to give hope to an entire country, dreaming to build together a brighter future and a possible life in their homeland.
Mixing Latin groove and electronic sounds, "Break Out" talks about the freedom of thought facing the oppresion of today’s tyrrany. Ghost Notes wrote this song having in mind all the images of the Venezuela he saw, where he lived between 2013 and 2014 in the after Chavez, Maduro's dictatorship.
Together, music and video become a raw testimony of life.

From compostion to playing instrument and singing, from script to videospotting and from shooting to video editing, Ghost Notes realized the entire creative process on this unique piece of work.